When the Unthinkable Happens…

Yesterday seemed to be a pretty normal day.  Woke up at 6:30a and got ready for work, then proceeded to do an hours worth of my reading for grad school.  After that, went to work, had a productive day, came home and played tennis with Olivia, and we wrapped the day up by watching a movie together.  All-in-all, an enjoyable day.  Then we went to bed.

As we got in, Olivia gave her phone one last glance, and I heard her say, “Oh no…this can’t be right.”  Immediately I was alarmed.  Horrific thoughts naturally ran through my head… “What happened?” 

She began to cry and asked me to hold on so she could verify if it were true.  It was one of those moments that probably only took a few seconds, but felt as if time halted and an eternity passed. Then she really began to cry…


Twelve years ago I met the Lewis family.  I had become friends with a girl in our youth group named Crystal, and man did she have a mouth full of metal, but that was okay; I didn’t hold it against her.  Over the course of a few short weeks, we become pretty inseparable.  Those kinds of friends who are almost obnoxiously always together. We would hang out at her house, and her mom would make us AMAZING food.  Who would have thought that I would learn to love barbacoa?

While Crystal became my best friend, her family became my family.  She had two siblings that I very much loved as if they were my own.  Zach was the youngest and that kid had some energy.  He might have been a tad mischievous, but it was like a Kevin McAlister mischievousness, nothing too serious.  Crystan was her sister.  She was the middle child, and extremely funny!  I had the pleasure of seeing Crystan grow up through her middle and high school years, and I can promise you this: That was an adventure.

I shared a closeness with the family that allowed me the benefit of decorating their Christmas tree each year, and the responsibility of being around for the trying times as well.  Life with the Lewis family was a joy and honor to be a part of.


“Olivia what is it?”

She then proceeded to tell me through her tears that Crystan’s son, who was only five months old, had passed away in his sleep.

I simply laid there. Silent. Motionless. Confused.

I’m inherently a processor.  My reactions and emotions don’t hit me immediately.  I think things over, and while they marinate, I began to have certain realizations about whatever the scenario may be.  That too is how this unfolded.  My heart was extremely heavy, but I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around this situation yet.

I immediately began to think and pray for Crystan and the rest of the family.  If I can’t fathom this, how then could the child’s mother?  After all, Hayden was only five months old.

It’s only been a day since this happened, and truthfully, just writing this is finally allowing me to process the event and I felt the Lord lead me to His Word.

I’m not sure if you’ll ever read this, or if anyone will ever read this, but if it makes it your way, these words are for you, Travis and Crystan:


…“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

Psalm 29:11

The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace.

2 Thessalonians 3:16

Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you.

Romans 12:12

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Romans 15:13

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Philippians 4:7

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

These are just a few of the scriptures that I hope can bring some comfort in such a trying time and this is my prayer for you:

I pray you receive a peace that’s so evident it seems irrational.  I pray that at this moment, you fight the temptation to “be strong” and instead of trying to tackle this enormous mountain with your own strength, that you fully rely on God. I pray that Christ’s love be made so evident to you that your faith never wavers.  I pray that His love be shown to you through the actions of others.  I pray that the memories of Hayden bring comfort and not sorrow.  I pray that joy fills your very spirit as you imagine him in heaven and I pray that there is a restfulness in knowing that you will reunite with him one day.

I don’t know how to wrap this up… I don’t know how you end something like this.  All I know is that you guys, the entire Lewis family, are on my heart.  You are loved by me and many others, but most importantly, you are loved by God.  He is ultimately our provider, so don’t even contemplate trying to figure out the financial aspect of this.  God will use his people, and that aspect will be taken care of.

For anyone else who happens to read this:

If you feel that nudge in your heart and you would like to help out, a website has been established to give aid in funding the celebration of Hayden’s life. 






Fishing in the Trees…

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

That’s from good ol’ Albert Einstein…

Every time I see, hear, or read this quote, it refocuses my mindset.  We are all individuals capable of greatness, but that doesn’t mean that everybody will be great at everything.  As a leader, this concept is so imperative to realize.  We build teams with the hopes of creating a multifaceted juggernaut capable of success in whatever our endeavor is, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  From a Biblical standpoint, we are to do our work as if it were “unto the Lord” himself, so striving for achievements and successes can be a noble cause, as long as our motives are pure.  BUT how do we reach greatness?  How do we conquer “obtaining that new contract” or “providing fresh water for all in need” or whatever our goal is?  We build a team capable of taking us there.  Seems simple enough, right?  Maybe not so much…

The easiest analogy I can think of to make this applicable is that of a football team.  Imagine this with me:  We are in the championship game (cliché alert) and our star quarterback goes down.  Not to worry, we’ll just replace him with our second string left tackle and win this game.  Wait, maybe that’s not the best case scenario.  Our second string lineman doesn’t have the skill set to play quarterback, but “He’s a football player,” so he should be more than capable.  (If that’s an irrational thought to you, you’re on the right track)

That concept doesn’t seem to make sense in the world of sports, so why would the world of businesses, nonprofits, churches, etc. be any different?  We must put the right people in the right place in order for our endeavor to be effective, as well as to get the greatness out of those around us. If fish don’t climb trees, maybe Martha doesn’t public speak.  Behind the scenes, she could be the most valuable asset you have as an employee, performing flawless work on a daily basis that is vital to the organization, BUT as soon as you ask her to speak in front of others, she closes down, shuts off, and feels like a failure.  Is she a bad employee, or was she perhaps poorly managed?  You can decide that on your own, I trust you 😉  Don’t get me wrong though, there are times when it is necessary to push someone beyond their own comfort zone for their personal growth, and those times arise when you see something in someone that gives you the inclination that there is something they could be great at but just lack the courage to tackle.

We have all worked with someone that no matter the training or number of times they try, they just won’t be a good public speaker.  God doesn’t gift us all the same, so don’t expect a fish to climb a tree. Let’s do our due diligence.  Let’s get to know the people we work with.  Let’s learn their strengths.  Let’s learn their weaknesses.  Let’s set them up for success by providing a fish a place to swim, and let’s keep the squirrels in the trees.

7 Things I was Unprepared for in Marriage

Everyone gives you advice before you get married – whether you asked for it or not. We were given some great insight into marriage by many couples we love and respect. However, in the 4 years that we have been married, there have still been some unexpected twists and turns that I just did not see coming.

1.       Making new friends doesn’t come as easily.

Before marriage, making new friends was effortless. There was always time for trips to the mall, lunch dates and Friends marathons.  It was as simple as “I like you and you like me” insta-friends! Throw in a spouse, full time jobs and house projects and there is hardly time to stop and schedule a tentative day to hopefully, maybe grab coffee. I have learned it takes much more intentionality, planning and sacrifice to build and maintain solid friendships. It becomes a joint effort as you team up with your spouse to hunt for that perfect vacation couple! Luckily, we’ve been blessed with some world class friends!

2.       Someone is always “too hot” or “too cold.”

If there is one thing in our marriage that never changes it is that Micah is always “too hot” and I am always “too cold.” This makes for riding in the car together borderline dangerous as we try to elbow our way to the temperature controls. A problem that could easily be solved if Micah would just buy me the snuggie I’ve been asking for.

3.       Man chores vs. Woman chores.

These do not exist in our house. I quickly learned that household duties like cleaning the bathroom, laundry, dishes, mowing the yard and washing the car are not assigned based on gender. I can’t even count how many times I have come home to a spick and span house, compliments of my better half. But, I also have found myself elbow deep in my lawn replacing sprinkler heads – one of my proudest moments. Of course bug killing and cleaning still falls to the men…always to the men!

4.       Being ‘Home Alone’ isn’t as fun as Macaulay Culkin makes it out to be.

This may have been my biggest shocker. After all, I had spent many nights alone before I was married, why should it be any different afterwards? In fact I should be excited to have an evening to myself to indulge in my criminal shows that Micah hates, but no! Every creak in the floor, every whistle of the wind makes me jump and grab for his pillow. I may have just stumbled upon an opportune time for a good ‘ole fashion girls’ sleepover!

5.       Not everything about me is “to love.”

It was a sad day when I came face to face with the harsh reality that Micah wasn’t absolutely in love with every aspect of who I am. He was brutal on my wardrobe…RIP Nordstrom jean jacket, you served me faithfully and proud for 8 years; said I was quite possibly the WORST singer he’d ever heard; and apparently doesn’t find it adorable that no matter what I order, I always want a bite from his plate 🙂 Men secretly like that though, right??

6.       Cooking dinner isn’t for the faint of heart.

Of course I expected to cook for my husband and I was excited to! What I did not prepare for was the recipe searching, meal planning, grocery shopping, and food preparing. Not to mention my obsession for needing an instant reaction as soon as the food touches his mouth, “Do you like? Is it good? What do you think? You hate it don’t you? I’m never cooking again!” Poor guy can barely even enjoy his food. On that note, I wonder what’s for dinner tonight??

7.       It takes creativity to find new ways to say “I love you.” 

I must say, Micah is much better at this than I am. Folded laundry, cooked dinner when I get home, a new pair of sandals or a card he drew and colored himself are just some of the ways he reminds me of how much he loves me! As our love evolves, the way we express it must also evolve as well. What fun it was to realize this and know that every day would bring new surprises and opportunities to show off our love for each other!

I am confident we will add to this list as we continue the adventure of our marriage. For now, we take each day as they come, learn from the mistakes of yesterday and try to love each other more than the day before – that last part is a piece of cake!! 🙂

– Olivia

Is it okay?

It’s necessary to be realistic.  We must all know that there are both physical and emotional constraints that bind us, thus allowing us to only be capable of doing ‘so much.’  It’s these limitations that are so important to discover.  I have heard others reference the concept of, “Oh he/she needs someone to keep them grounded,” and that’s so true.  I can’t even begin to tell you how vital it is to have that person around you.  The person who isn’t afraid to dash away those crazy dreams you had when you were young.  Let’s face facts: not everyone is capable of being an astronaut, doctor, or professional athlete… or are they?
I wonder if the reason our mentality changes as we get older is simply due to the fact that we have forgotten how to dream?  I wonder what the world might be like if we could put aside the fear that kept us in the comfort that we are familiar with?  I wonder how much happier God would be with our very existence if we used the gifts and talents that he blessed us with?  I would like to encourage you as you read this to DREAM! Realize what the ultimate vision is for your life, and chase after it with everything in you.  I know what your gut-reaction is to that last sentence.  “Is it okay?  Is it okay that I dream?  I mean, because I have bills, and a kid, and I’ve been at this job for seven years… I can’t just leave the job I’m at.” More than likely, you are right.  You may have bills, and a child, and job security, AND trust me, it is imperative that you pay those bills and provide for your child, but none of those reasons steal your imagination.  None of those reasons hinder you from pursuing what you very well may have been called to do, even if that means it starts out being pursued on the side.
One of the beauties of dreaming, is that it comes from your inner most being.  Opening ‘Save Your Sole’, a local sneaker shop, was my wild and crazy dream.  That may not seem big to some, but I am obsessed with shoes.  I also have a heart to minister to people, and no matter how great of a job I’ve had, if I’m not given the avenue to invest in to someone else’s life on a regular basis, I genuinely feel incomplete.  I began to pray about direction for my life, and the life of my family because I have a wife, a mortgage, and two car payments, and God began to speak to me.  He began to place ideas in side of me that were radically changing me from my very core.  A passion that I had forgotten about long ago began to stir inside of me, and then it hit me:

“God created my imagination.  He gifted me with the ability to have thoughts and dreams that line
up with the path He has called me to.”

From that point on, I was inspired.  I began to have these special times with God, where we would brainstorm together, and I would come up with an idea and then He would give me some insight to improve upon that idea, and this process continued on for some time.  Truthfully, it’s continuing on right this very second as I write this blog in its entirety.  I have come to realize lately that another part of my dream is letting other people know that IT IS OKAY TO DREAM! God did not create us to live mundane lives.  He created us to connect with Him and bring Him glory.
Lately I have been reading some books that are so good they will, wait a sec, are you wearing socks, because these books are so good they will  knock your socks off. First off, I must confess, I stole that punch line from my friend Kyle, so if he ever reads this, “Kyle Phillips, that joke was yours and it was grande.”  Back to my point, these books were shaping the very way I think.  One of the authors, Mark Batterson, wrote of a time he was provided for because someone told him he had, “Vision beyond his resources.”  That very statement spoke to me.  It told me that if the dream was from God, then it would happen.  Mark’s dream was for his church to open a coffee shop.  He needed two million dollars, and a couple he met with one afternoon, who he had no idea were contemplating donating, gave him THREE million dollars.  See that’s another part of the beauty of this whole concept.  God can always do better than what our mind perceives.
We only get to live one life.  And to be honest, that life is short in relativity to how we will spend eternity, so once again, I would like to encourage you to DREAM!  Chase after the crazy things that as an adult seem ridiculous. Just for clarifications sake, as stated before, do NOT shuck your responsibilities, but make some time to carve out a vision to run after.  Don’t listen to the neighsayers and the negativity that will surely come about.  Not everyone is going to understand that dream chasing is okay.  Not everyone will believe you when you try and explain it to them, and that’s okay.  Feel free to cut the strings off of whatever it is that is keeping you ‘grounded,’ because more than likely, that just translates in to something that is holding you back.  God has granted all of us special talents and abilities, so use them and use them to their fullest.  Don’t leave anything on the table.  Live a life that you can look back on and think, “I’m sure glad it was okay, because I accomplished everything that God and I planned for.”


Better Together

photo (12)

There are just some things in this world that are better together: Peanut Butter and Jelly, Batman and Robin, vacation and sunshine. You remove one of the two and you’re still left with something pretty great, but it seems, well, incomplete.

Lately, Micah has been doing some traveling for work. He ventures to the hidden gems of America like Quincy, Florida and Indianola, Mississippi, while I’m back at home making dinner for one and watching CSI re-runs in my sweats. I try to mask my loneliness by focusing on the positives of having the house to myself…

  • I can eat cereal for dinner, and breakfast…OK, and lunch too.
  • “My side of the bed” takes on a whole new meaning – FREEDOM!
  • I can lock the TV down with hours of criminal show marathons.
  • I can finally rent the new Nicholas Sparks DVD.
  • I don’t have to stumble around in the dark, tripping over Nike’s and yesterdays pants, while getting ready for work.

Obviously I live a pretty glamorous life!

While being “Woman of the House” is liberating for all of maybe, one day, I am constantly reminded that I am missing my better half. The dishes from yesterday didn’t magically disappear by the time I got home from work. The front door apparently doesn’t lock itself at night. No new, half drank water bottle appeared on the nightstand. The good hairspray is missing!! All signs point to…no Micah 😦

We were pretty blessed (although some may call it strange) because we were married for over 3 years before we ever spent a single night apart from each other. If you could imagine a scared, crying kid, clinging to the leg of his mom on the first day kindergarten, with tears and snot running down his face – our first night apart was worse than that!

Call it strange, call it pathetic, call it love. Some things are just better together: Peanut Butter and Jelly, Batman and Robin, vacation and sunshine…Micah and Olivia.

The day I met Steve…

I was sixteen.
Up to this point, I had regularly attended church despite my best efforts to conveniently be sick on the Sabbath. Every Sunday my parents would funnel my brother and me in to remotely nice clothes, and usher the family to church. It was a small church with a big heart, but as a kid with wild dreams, a congregation made up primarily of women above the age of 75 did not interest me in the least. I was confident in my knowledge of God, and agreed with most, that Jesus did in fact sacrifice his life in order to absolve my wrongs, but there was a prominent issue with my outlook. I in no way had a relationship with Jesus. I could tell you the stories in the Bible, no different than I could tell you how osmosis works, or even recite the opening paragraph of “A Tale of Two Cities.” For me, it was simply knowledge and nothing more. I saw the people around me with their hands lifted toward the sky, and some even spoke in tongues. I distinctly remember a man who was so passionate about Jesus, that he began to run atop the pews in the sanctuary. I have memories of a pastor who, when people would go down for prayer, would push their head back until their equilibrium gave way, and they would “fall out in the Spirit.” None of this interested me. I was a literal thinker in a spiritual world, and up to this point, those two things had not learned to cooperate with one another.
Like many, I saw the hypocrisy of people’s actions Monday through Saturday, only to see them back “praising the Lord” on Sunday. The youth group at the church was very small. Maybe there were twelve kids in attendance on a Sunday, which was thought to be a success. Of those twelve, one impregnated another; multiple got drunk on the weekends; and it was one of the most inclusive groups I have ever come across. With a sense of arrogance, I took issue with this. At school, I was well thought of. Everyone knew who I was, yet I would come to church and feel like an outsider. Now let me first clarify, I WAS NOT PERFECT. Actually, I was quite imperfect. I would go to parties, dated way too many girls, and tended to be quite inclusive myself, at least with my group of friends. Basically, I was judging them for living the same life as myself. I could write an entire book (as could you probably) on the irony of how we judge others, yet overlook our own flaws, but that’s not what this is about. I just wanted to get across the mental state I was in at the time.
Full of frustration, I went to my parents to have a talk. The initial problem here was that I didn’t care what they had to say back, I was only interested in having them hear me. It went something like this:
“I hate that church. It’s obvious to me why people don’t want to become Christians because that place sucks. The people are jerks, they are all fake, and I NEVER want to go back. There are two options: We can continue to attend that church and let my bitterness grow, where when I turn eighteen, I will NEVER step foot in another church, OR we can try to find a new church, with normal teenagers who I can relate to, and that isn’t so small that I can tell you everyone’s middle name.”
As soon as I had said all of this, the ramifications of my words began to flow through my head. Was I going to get slapped? Was it time for a lecture? Are they ever going to speak?
My parents sat there silently for a moment. My mom looked at me and, with hurt in her eyes, said, “We will try a new church next Sunday.”
I didn’t know how to respond. This isn’t what I had expected. I was only a kid. To tell you the truth, I don’t remember what I said next. It all still seems like a blur in my mind, but I know for sure that we were at a new church the very next week.
We drove twenty miles west, to the outskirts of Dallas to try a church my parents had heard of, but when we arrived, the service had already started. They didn’t want to go in late, so we decided to try another church not too far from there that my aunt attended. We walked in, and immediately this church was different. First of all, it was in a gym. I mean, they had raised the basketball goals up, and chairs lined the floor, but you could still see the three-point line. On the far side of the “sanctugym” was a stage lined with instruments. The lighting was dimmer than I was used to, and banners hung on all four walls.
I began to look around at the people. I saw families. Moms and Dads in their thirties and forties with kids, and not just little kids, but there were teenagers too. In fact, the first seven rows in the middle were filled with teenagers, probably forty or fifty if I had to guess. The service hadn’t started, and many people were still jauntily bouncing around and saying their “Hellos.” Keep in mind; I have made all of these observations in about twenty seconds. As we take our next few steps, we too are now directly in the crossfire of the jubilant bunch. People came from every direction to welcome us, shake our hands, or even go a tad too far, and hug us upon first meeting. While I could have lived without the hugs, one thing was for sure: I felt welcomed.
We took a seat towards the back, and the band began to play. This wasn’t what I was used to. This song wasn’t from the “Hymns of Glorious Praise.” Matter of fact, this wasn’t a hymn at all. It was upbeat, and wait, is that what I think it is? Yep, there was a guitar solo, and it sounded like rock music. Just to clarify, not so much Metallica rock, probably closer to Phil Collins, but when you are accustomed to hearing old women sing off-key, this was pretty amazing!
After the worship portion of the service concluded, the pastor’s wife took the stage and made some announcements about upcoming events and so forth; pretty standard stuff. I haven’t really mentioned the size of the church yet, but I would guess that there were close to five or six hundred people in this service, which is important for what happens next. The pastor took the stage, and before he began to preach, he scans the crowd:
“Well it sure is good to see Bobbie Kay’s family here today.”
Those were his words. Bobbie Kay was my aunt. He scanned a room full of hundreds of people, and took notice of us being there for the first time. I was impressed. It almost seemed superhuman to me. Twelve years later, in a church of two thousand, he still does this, and I still don’t understand his sense of awareness.
So the pastor preached a message good enough for me to remember it positively, and I definitely had liked what I had seen so far. After service, we were headed out the door, and a guy who looked my age, chased me down and said something along these lines, “Hey bro, my name’s Steve. I was going to see if you wanted to play football with us this afternoon.” Being a teenager, I gave the obvious answer, “Uhhhh… maybe.”
I really didn’t know how else to react because I had not seen that coming. Truth be told, I was ecstatic at the thought, although I was a little nervous, which was unlike me. I was out of my element I suppose, which was probably a good thing. We went home as a family and had lunch together, and I think my parents could see the difference instantly. For the first time, I wanted to be back at church, and I had just left. When I made my way back out for the football game, there was a group of probably eighteen guys, and we had a blast. For two straight hours we played smash mouth, full speed, tackle football. Some of you may read that and think it sounds idiotic, and maybe it was, but I loved every second of it.
I went home later that evening feeling a sense of fulfillment. I felt as if I had just experienced something that I wanted to be a part of, and in doing so, I dove head first into intertwining myself with this church and the amazing people who comprised it. The love of Jesus had made itself known to me through a particular gathering of His people, which resulted in my life shifting course. My knowledge of God became practical, and at a youth retreat a couple of months later, I felt the Holy Spirit’s presence for the first time. It wasn’t condemnation or some ‘inner voice’, although the Holy Spirit has that ability as well; it was a warm feeling of being loved by my creator, and reciprocating that love with my hands raised and tears flowing down my face. God had used this transitional period, which seemed as if it came from some sort of rebellious act, to forever alter the lives of my family and myself.

New Year’s Resolutions… a tad late.

Olivia and I came together and decided to really make 2013 a year to remember, and with resolutions like these, that is virtually guarenteed.  Hope you enjoy!


1.  Teach my wife what good music sounds like

With risk of sounding old, her “pop” music sounds more like “poop” music, so I’ll see what I can do.  Maybe she’ll learn to actually like someone who can play an instrument outside of Taylor Swift.

2.  Learn that “Just bc it’s new, doesn’t mean I need it.”-this does NOT include new shoes

I tend to be a nerd when it comes to techy things.  It seems to be my second nature to need the new iPhone, iPad, gaming console, TV, etc. and that is a habit I will choose to break.  On a side note, I will still buy PLENTY of shoes in case you were wondering.

3.  Take my tennis serve to a new level, i.e. better than the soft lob

Over the past few years, I have really been honing my skills.  In fact, Rafa and I are scheduling a match, so it is imperative I take my serve to a new difficulty level…being something a little stronger than mimicking the throw of a three year old girl.

4.  Be a better friend intentionally, bc I don’t always feel like it

Time. It’s probably my most valuable commodity.  I love it, I want it, I need it.  With that being the case, I am selfish with it.  I will make an intentional effort to invest in others this year.

5.  Eat healthy for the whole year… NOT PERFECT, but healthy, minus holidays 😉

Basically, I want to avoid all fast food and junk food.  Fourteen days in, and so far so good.

6.  Actually join a basketball/football league

I miss it:  Competitive sports.  It’s time to wrangle some folks together and join some leagues.

7.  Keep a $0 balance on personal credit cards.

Olivia and I have done this since we were married, and I vow to continue this ‘resolution’ for years to come.

8.  Take more pictures, and post them on all social media as if everyone cares

I enjoy photos.  I enjoy social media.  I might as well combine the two.  It worked for peanut butter and jelly.

9.  Randomly surprise my wife with something at least once a month that shows her how much I love her.

She deserves FAR MORE than once a month, so this is really putting an emphasis on the “at least.” 

10.  Start a business on the side.

Something I have been wanting to do for some time, and with the Cowboys out of the post season I have plenty of free time.


1.  Send more snail mail

How refreshing to discover a friendly note or card in the pile of routine junk mail and annoying bills.

2.  Meet someone new every week

It is way too easy to stay in my routine and comfort zone at work, church and social settings. Time to bust out and make new friends!

3.  Go to the gym at least once in January…pathetic I know

I set out a gym outfit to wear on the 1st of January that has yet to see the likes of a treadmill or dumbbell in 2013

4.  Rematch Micah in a NERF war and DOMINATE!

Despite strategy and preparation, my last NERF war ended in surrender and several darts to the head…I’ve been strategizing my retaliation ever since!    

5.  Hang up and put away my clothes every night

Gone are the days of spending hours cleaning my house only to start a fresh “clothes dump” in the middle of my bedroom. So far so good  

6.  Learn rap lyrics and impress Micah with my skills!

Because we all know…he WOULD be impressed by this! Taking song suggestions now…but please, no Crazy Bone.

7.  Be more generous with my time, money and resources

I regularly pray “Lord, bless me so I can bless others,” but often come up with excuses not to when He presents me with opportunities.

8.  Work on my spiral

I hear the NFL is hiring

9.  Fall in deeper love with Micah

Something he helps make possible every day!

10.  Fall in deeper love with Jesus!

Because without Him, my marriage, my  job, my life and my silly resolutions are completely irrelevant.