Is it okay?

It’s necessary to be realistic.  We must all know that there are both physical and emotional constraints that bind us, thus allowing us to only be capable of doing ‘so much.’  It’s these limitations that are so important to discover.  I have heard others reference the concept of, “Oh he/she needs someone to keep them grounded,” and that’s so true.  I can’t even begin to tell you how vital it is to have that person around you.  The person who isn’t afraid to dash away those crazy dreams you had when you were young.  Let’s face facts: not everyone is capable of being an astronaut, doctor, or professional athlete… or are they?
I wonder if the reason our mentality changes as we get older is simply due to the fact that we have forgotten how to dream?  I wonder what the world might be like if we could put aside the fear that kept us in the comfort that we are familiar with?  I wonder how much happier God would be with our very existence if we used the gifts and talents that he blessed us with?  I would like to encourage you as you read this to DREAM! Realize what the ultimate vision is for your life, and chase after it with everything in you.  I know what your gut-reaction is to that last sentence.  “Is it okay?  Is it okay that I dream?  I mean, because I have bills, and a kid, and I’ve been at this job for seven years… I can’t just leave the job I’m at.” More than likely, you are right.  You may have bills, and a child, and job security, AND trust me, it is imperative that you pay those bills and provide for your child, but none of those reasons steal your imagination.  None of those reasons hinder you from pursuing what you very well may have been called to do, even if that means it starts out being pursued on the side.
One of the beauties of dreaming, is that it comes from your inner most being.  Opening ‘Save Your Sole’, a local sneaker shop, was my wild and crazy dream.  That may not seem big to some, but I am obsessed with shoes.  I also have a heart to minister to people, and no matter how great of a job I’ve had, if I’m not given the avenue to invest in to someone else’s life on a regular basis, I genuinely feel incomplete.  I began to pray about direction for my life, and the life of my family because I have a wife, a mortgage, and two car payments, and God began to speak to me.  He began to place ideas in side of me that were radically changing me from my very core.  A passion that I had forgotten about long ago began to stir inside of me, and then it hit me:

“God created my imagination.  He gifted me with the ability to have thoughts and dreams that line
up with the path He has called me to.”

From that point on, I was inspired.  I began to have these special times with God, where we would brainstorm together, and I would come up with an idea and then He would give me some insight to improve upon that idea, and this process continued on for some time.  Truthfully, it’s continuing on right this very second as I write this blog in its entirety.  I have come to realize lately that another part of my dream is letting other people know that IT IS OKAY TO DREAM! God did not create us to live mundane lives.  He created us to connect with Him and bring Him glory.
Lately I have been reading some books that are so good they will, wait a sec, are you wearing socks, because these books are so good they will  knock your socks off. First off, I must confess, I stole that punch line from my friend Kyle, so if he ever reads this, “Kyle Phillips, that joke was yours and it was grande.”  Back to my point, these books were shaping the very way I think.  One of the authors, Mark Batterson, wrote of a time he was provided for because someone told him he had, “Vision beyond his resources.”  That very statement spoke to me.  It told me that if the dream was from God, then it would happen.  Mark’s dream was for his church to open a coffee shop.  He needed two million dollars, and a couple he met with one afternoon, who he had no idea were contemplating donating, gave him THREE million dollars.  See that’s another part of the beauty of this whole concept.  God can always do better than what our mind perceives.
We only get to live one life.  And to be honest, that life is short in relativity to how we will spend eternity, so once again, I would like to encourage you to DREAM!  Chase after the crazy things that as an adult seem ridiculous. Just for clarifications sake, as stated before, do NOT shuck your responsibilities, but make some time to carve out a vision to run after.  Don’t listen to the neighsayers and the negativity that will surely come about.  Not everyone is going to understand that dream chasing is okay.  Not everyone will believe you when you try and explain it to them, and that’s okay.  Feel free to cut the strings off of whatever it is that is keeping you ‘grounded,’ because more than likely, that just translates in to something that is holding you back.  God has granted all of us special talents and abilities, so use them and use them to their fullest.  Don’t leave anything on the table.  Live a life that you can look back on and think, “I’m sure glad it was okay, because I accomplished everything that God and I planned for.”



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