I Hate Goodbyes

In one my favorite movies, “Dumb and Dumber,” where Jim Carrey plays an incompetent limo driver named Lloyd Christmas, he hugs one of his customers at the airport and with great passion and sadness, chokes out, “I hate goodbyes!” Of course the hilarity comes from the fact that he only met her minutes earlier when he picked her up. If by some tragedy you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and go pick it up from the $5.00 movie bin at Wal-Mart.

With family in opposite corners of America – mine in Washington and Micah’s in Texas – we have become quite accustomed with this quote. The airport is a familiar place. We know the best shoes to wear through security, we come ready with airplane games, and we can detect a tantrum throwing child from a mile away – no offense friends with kids, I’m sure we’ll have one someday too! 🙂

Just this last week, I hugged my mom at SeaTac airport after a short Thanksgiving trip to the great Northwest. A couple of hugs and a quick kiss on the cheek were exchanged, but few words. We both knew what each other was thinking …“I hate goodbyes.”

Micah knows the drill by now. Get her inside, hold her hand and just let her cry. Once we get to the gate, he always gently reminds me that it is a good sign that I am crying. It simply means I love the people I am leaving, I had a good time and I will actually want to come back.

It makes me wonder if there are people who love goodbyes. Pack up my bag, don’t bother to get out for a hug, and allow me to wave as I sprint to the airplane to get outta here! Maybe that is the experience for some, but not for me.

Micah and I are back at home in Texas now; our suitcases are unpacked and we’ve fallen into our normal routine. I do hate goodbyes, but it is because I love the people I am saying goodbye to so much.

Looking forward to hellos!



To whomever may choose to read…

The time has come to christen our first blog entry in the same manner that a ship is christened on its maiden voyage.  It’s a time to celebrate the adventure that this will take us on, as well as those who choose to go with us. I would probably say that the biggest difference in our blog christening opposed to an actual ship christening is the champagne.  I feel it would be dreadful to break a bottle of champagne against my computer in commemoration of our first posting on our blog, as it would also result in being our last.

The reason Olivia and I decided we would pursue posting our thoughts and musings online is two-fold:  First, we thought it would serve as a great outlet for the people we care about to have the ability to share our life with us, no matter their distance, and secondly, we both share a love for writing.  I have always loved to put pen to paper and just take a mental download of everything that is stealing my attention away from any task at hand 🙂 and if you know me, you are aware that is something that happens often.  Unless I am planning on making a ton of copies and going into debt over postage, a computer will be far more effective than my pen and paper at reaching our target audience.  So here I sit… with tasks at hand, putting my thoughts in this text box.

I am not sure where this blog will go in the future, but I can promise you this:  You will be entertained.

We will laugh together.  We will smile until our faces hurt.  We will contemplate real issues we face.  We might even write something that can move us all emotionally, but we WILL NOT make this our soap box.  With that, I must apologize in advance to those who love confrontation.  That is not what this is about.  It’s just a husband and a wife, sharing their life and thoughts with anyone who chooses to read this.